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 Premio Scenario 2015 Finalist
Written ad Directe by Paola Di Mitri
with Nicola Di Chio, Paola Di Mitri, Miriam Fieno, Francesco Marilungo
Scenes and lights Eleonora Diana, Lucio Diana
Costumues Valentina Menegatti
A play by La Ballata dei Lenna
Executive production ACTI Teatri Indipendenti
with the support of
Kilowatt Festival; Teatri di Bari/ Teatro Kismet OperA

“Il paradiso degli idioti” is a box full of blurred Polaroid photos, taken at random in the life of a family. Or maybe of what remains of a family. After a long time, Andrea and Sonia, brother and sister, meet again after a long time far from home, in order to read the last will and testament their father left them before dying.
Andrea is working on his new script “Il paradiso degli eroi”, a movie saga that predicts a new era of superheroes. Andrea is frustrated, but also hopeful that this saga will be a success.
Sonia is a visual artist; she works in Canada and her works of art cross that ethical boundary often crushed by the market.
Their different looks meet again, their ideals are opposed, their perspectives are split, but both lie to themselves and to each other about the lack of a father and the inadequacy to become fathers and creators of their own worlds.
Their gestures, never made to the end, reveal uneasiness, and on the background there are glimpses of fear of the dark.
Adam and the Monkey Woman advance from that dark like a flashlight, they are two poetic and dreamlike projections of Andrea, that unmask and laugh about, as children do, the inheritance of fathers. These two characters are human models of those that seem so difficult to emulate.

The expressive register of the play aims to rework the newspaper through a sharp and lucid use of dialogue and, on the other hand, to bring back to life, through the plasticity of the bodies at the scene, those characters that only exist in the universe of the imagination.
This gives back a two-level vision: the one of the real world and that of the imagined world. They interpenetrate, throughout history, with a gradually more and more pressing rhythm, until the final resolution, in which we witness the perfect fusion between word and visionary.

“Il paradiso degli idioti” is a play based a father inheritance. It is the result of our personal reflection about a time that does not give way to the new one. However, it is also an attempt to bring together lights and shades of a generation, those of thirty-year-old boys and girls, who often seems to be helpless, and which is said to carry forward his case with too blunt and too modest weapons.
The world handed to Andrea and Sonia is a world of inflated plastic preservatives, nourished by illusions, where it is difficult to choose when the eyes remain fixed on a paradise of empty promises. As a result, they remain relegated to an action / inaction where insecurity and instability are convenient. You end up running away, staying, leaving, then coming back without being too clear about the choices made.
At this very point, which shows up and sores, we pay for the sins committed by our fathers, who lived in an era of happy and heart-breaking opposition, of optimism and centrifugal energy, who lived in a burning desire for life that now seems completely gone.